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The Ultimate Girls’ Trip: How to Plan a Memorable Glamping Getaway with Friends

When you are all desperate for a well-deserved weekend away, longing to trade the responsibilities of daily life for relaxing with the besties, when you are craving a little adventure but want comfy beds to land in, glamping makes for the ultimate weekend girls’ trip. We can think of nothing better than a weekend glamping with our best girls. A weekend free from daily routines and responsibilities. A few glorious days where you get to be the truest version of yourself with the women who bring out the best/silliest in you. The women you lean on. Your BFFs. With a little effort and advanced planning, a perfect weekend glamping getaway with all the ladies in your world is sure to be had. We’ve got some tips for planning the ultimate girlfriend glamping getaway with memories that you’ll reminisce about for years to come.

1. Start Planning & Book Accommodations Well in Advance

Get a date for your weekend glamping getaway on the calendar as early as possible to accommodate everyone’s schedules. You may have work, kids, partners, pets, holidays, and family trips to work around as well as make sure your ideal accommodations and picture-perfect luxury tents are available, and you are able to book tents next to one another. Late winter/early spring is when our tent reservations begin filling up for the summer months, so now is the time to book your glamping getaway with the girls at Naturluxe & Stars.

2. Collectively Decide the Ultimate Goals of the Trip and Plan the Itinerary

There’s always one or two in a group that is just really good at planning things. But no one loves being stuck with the lion’s share of planning tasks, and no one loves feeling left out of the planning process either. Naturluxe & Stars loves helping our groups come up with the perfect itinerary for their glamping weekend with friends. You may want to plan some group activities, as well as some time for individual exploration. The Finger Lakes region is full of stunning state parks to hike, wineries to visit, restaurants to try, lakes to kayak, and so much more. There are always events to check out at Watkin’s Glen International Speedway and festivals sprinkled all across the summer and early fall. It’s important to consider everyone’s preferences and budget when choosing your destination and accommodations.

3. Establish A Collective Vibe

Remember, the purpose of any girlfriend getaway is to have fun and relax. Don’t stress too much about sticking to the itinerary or doing everything together. Even more important? Tune into what your friends need most out of this trip. Do you need this to be chill vibes only? Do you need a weekend of restoration and relaxation? Or do you need to turn up? Maybe you have a couple of friends who love hiking or want to try horseback riding. Maybe you want to make it all about experiencing the food and wines of the Finger Lakes region. Allow for some downtime and be flexible and allow for some spontaneity. Everyone moves at their own pace, so to avoid any potential stress, only plan for 1 or 2 planned activities per day with ample transition time in between. Make sure everyone has a say in what activities are planned and that the schedule is flexible enough to accommodate different interests. This is all about enjoying some quality downtime, bonding, and creating new memories. Revel in every little luxurious moment together. Choosing a theme is a great way to make the trip extra memorable and helps focus your itinerary.

Once you’ve decided on a theme and the ultimate goals of the trip, whether you decide on a wine weekend in the Finger Lakes, attending race events at Watkins Glen International Racetrack, a bachelorette weekend, etc., it will be much easier to decide where or what you want to eat, the must-do activities to include on the itinerary, and even how to pack/what to wear. Glamping is a perfect choice for a group of gals that love camping but want comfort and convenience. You get the best of both worlds – experience the Great Outdoors in resort-style luxury camping accommodations. We love helping our glampers design the ultimate glamping itinerary, whether it’s adventure, relaxation, or a little of both, we’ve got you covered.

4. Keep Communication Open

Luckily, modern technology makes easy work of keeping everyone on the same page. Literally. Take your early discussions about your group trip over to a shared Google doc, Google spreadsheet or your shared notes app to start brainstorming trip ideas, assign tasks, create packing lists, and itineraries to keep everyone’s ideas together and easily accessible. Do this as soon as you’ve booked a date and check in with each other to make sure everyone is keeping track in the same place and updating as they plan, organize, etc. Make sure everyone has each other’s contact information and agrees on how to communicate during the trip. Create a special trip group chat or use a messaging app like Whatsapp to keep everyone informed about any changes and updates, and to keep in touch during the trip, especially if traveling in separate vehicles. You may also choose to use the group chat or create a shared folder to upload all trip photos. This way you can use just one person’s phone or camera to take photos of the group and you have a place to collect your memories. Make sure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

5. Pack Smart

Know what we love about glamping? You get to camp without having to bring all the stuff! Once your itinerary is planned, you can chat about what types of clothes you’ll be needing to feel your best all weekend long. Pack clothes and shoes appropriate for the activities you have planned. Make a shared Spotify playlist where everyone can add their favorite songs and designate one or two people to bring Bluetooth speakers. Naturluxe & Stars has resort-like amenities you’d be hard-pressed to find at any other campgrounds. Our gorgeous bathhouse is close to tent groupings and features private, individual full bathrooms and a private outdoor shower with double shower heads for the ultimate under-the-stars, rejuvenating experience. You won’t need to worry about packing toiletries, towels or even a hairdryer. This is a luxury campground, after all!

6. Safety & Transportation

Depending on where you go and the type of trip you are taking, it’s very important to plan ahead and be mindful of how you will safely get to and from your accommodations. Always have a buddy system for nights out on the town, hiking excursions, and water recreation. With so many incredible wineries and breweries near Naturluxe & Stars luxury glampground, you may choose to rent a limo, designate a sober driver for each day/night, or let us set up a guided wine tour for the whole group.

7. Girlfriend Glamping Getaway at Naturluxe & Stars

Planning the perfect girlfriend glamping getaway is half the fun. The other half happens when you arrive because to stay with us is to stay in comfort and luxury surrounded by nature. Every tent at Naturluxe & Stars is meticulously designed with resplendent furnishings and everything needed to ensure exceptional comfort and peace of mind. We are happy to help you plan a glamping trip that suits everyone’s preferences. There’s so much you can do here – or you can choose to do absolutely, refreshingly nothing at all. And that’s the beauty of glamping.

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